Nadege & Mickael Story

Our beloved couple Nadège and Mickael are both the children of Portuguese emigrants in France.

Born and raised in the country of fashion and perfumes, they always spent their summer holidays during their childhood in Portugal with their families.
They were establishing a strong emotional connection and creating beautiful memories of these hot, playful Summers spent in their parents' home country.

When they decided to get married, Portugal was the chosen country to celebrate their day, an ideal place to gather their family and friends from these two beautiful countries.

The place chosen was the Pink Palace, which transports us to the heyday of the Rococo style in Europe - East Palace, inhabited by nobles in the past, and now transformed into a beautiful hotel full of charm. This was the setting chosen for the marriage of our prince and princess.

The ceremony took place in the Church, a few meters from the Palace. The bride and groom made the journey between the Palace and the Church on foot, taking advantage of the beauty of the village for photos with their godmothers and godmothers, a unique and fun moment of sharing.

After the ceremony the welcome cocktail was made next to the fountain decorated with typical Poruguese tiles that formed the perfect image for the moment of the bouquet, at the end of the day. Truly magical.

The challenge for the decorating team arrived at the dinner party and the party. Given the number of guests the only solution was to hold this part of the day inside a room that was not quite what our Nadège wanted. Our bride's desire was to recreate the beauty of the exterior of the most vintage-inspired palace in the cool, white-walled room. And well ... we dreamed, and the screen began to take shape.
Starting with the golden tones; pink blush and purple we began to draw the history of the tables, with the lights we created the warm environment of the summer days, that so many good memories brought to us from childhood.

We managed to lower the ceiling height by creating a mantle of lights, the candles on the tables brought the warmth of the hot summer day and the romanticism of the night.

The cut of the cake was also a moment shared with all the guests, so it deserved a well decorated and symbolic place. We created a structure decorated with vegetables and jugs of flowers, the frame was incredible in the photos. We love this moment.

From there was the beautiful and emotional party, surrounded by family and friends, happiness was mirrored on their faces. May they be very happy.


Paula Grade & Karina Sousa


Planning: White Impact & Algarve Wedding Planners
Photos: Passionate Wedding
Hairdresser: Jar Studios
Make up: Bianca Pereira
tyling: Karina Sousa -White Ideas
Venue: Palácio de Estoi