Amelia & Soren's story

Amelia and Soren are people those kindness and sympathy prevail, two golden hearts that life has joined in Africa, who have chosen this seaside corner planted to celebrate their union with their guests from Angola and Denmark.

Amelia was always very clear, flowers and decoration were essential parts of for her wedding. He undoubtedly wanted to show his guests that he cared for them, and wanted them to feel special and welcomed above all else.

Amelia initially did not want to dress up as a bride, she just wanted a normal but beautiful dress, then everything changed in December when we had our first meeting, me and Soren (the groom) managed to convince her to visit a local dress designer Naia Ricco, the idea was to create not a typical wedding dress, but something that would mark the special sense for the occasion. From there we build the dream painted blue. Inspired by African colors, but with the simplicity and class of our bride Amelia, the designer created a dress inspired by African patterns in shades of blue and yellow, painting the dress with color and magic.

The end result was fabulous and we finally created our source of inspiration for the whole theme of the day.

The pergola where they sealed the vows was covered with white and blue flowers embellished by the Atlantic Ocean blue bottom that took us back to Angola.

The celebration kept warm with the sounds of Africa reflected in the bodies of energetic dancers, the night was sprinkled with lights and we once again feel blessed to be chosen by couples as special as these that will forever be in our memories and hearts.

Paula Grade & Karina Sousa

Wedding Planner: White Impact
Photos: Algarve Photography
Make up: Marisa Francisco
Bride dress: Naia Rico
Styling: Karina Sousa –White Ideas
Ceremony Venue: Pestana Viking
Reception Venue: Grande Real Sta. Eulália