Trends for 2020

Today we bring you some suggestions for your wedding day! Better than that, suggestions that can make of your wedding, the wedding of the year! Ready?!

Almost every women dream about her wedding day since little girl, even if we don’t know who the husband will be, every single thing that involve the wedding is previously plan minutely. Am I right? And because we know the importance of this day, we strive to live up to your expectations, even those that seem to be drawn from a fairytale! And the truth is that you can have your fairytale wedding, with us!

Today we'll show you some trends for 2020! Ideas that you can hold on to start planning that dream day!



These’re some examples of neon signs that you can use in your wedding! Aren’t they super amazing?! We love to innovate and keep up in the trends! And the best of all? Is that you can choose the phrase you want, put wherever you like and in the lyric and color you want!



It’s true that the flower arcs have been fashionable for some time now, but in 2020 we promise that they will be one of the most adorable trends! The arcs are known because of their elegance, but attention! You also can use the flower arcs in your venue! They’re a great detail for your decoration and a huge excuse to take some really nice photos!



Have you ever thought you could make the invitations for your wedding in wood? No?! Because now you definitively can and should! These is one of the most recent trends and - in our opinion - one of the most elegant ideas we have known so far!



What about… instead of being bombard with rice as you leave the church, invite your guests to throw balloons? Yes, it’s true…These is one of the many trends previse to the next year! Stick to this trend, let us take care of everything and let your love fly as high as possible!



This is a super original idea, well far from what we’re used to see! When is time to take some photos with your guests, the photographer usually choose a beautiful scenario, however, can that scenario be as original as this trend? Don’t think so…This idea promise personalize your wedding in the most original way we know and give you some amazing photos to remember latter…Can you imagine how many beautiful scenarios you can build?!


And the best of all is that we can help you with all of this! Yes, ALL OF THIS! If you want to have your wedding in Portugal and you need some help with that, call or e-mail us! We love weddings & we would love to help you concretize yours!