Amina & Paul's Story

Amina & Paul got married on May 30, 2018, at Vila do Monte in Moncarapacho, a magic place, where its architecture is inspired by the traditional Algarve’s buildings, and at this place we could realize the ceremony and the reception for this beautiful day.

Meeting Amina and Paul, was something special for me. When you get that good energy from a couple in love, you just feel that click at first sight, it makes easy to fall in love with their wedding and their dreams.

So having such great work tools to start with, such as love, friendship and good energy the combination could only  have one result that was the magical scenery that we produced in the end.

Amina, shared with us her sweet heart and blush pink color, and we add that bit of green of the surrounding nature and the lights that warm up the day.

The massive Tree, was the core for the ceremony it’s so grand and strong, that it speaks for itself, so we decided to bring out a bit of romance by setting a long flower arrangement along the long branches and trunk. We hanged beautiful tear shape flowers to swing with the breeze and give that sense of floating, simply magical!!

Then for the dinner table, we surprised our guests with a long, long table for 95 guests, full of tea lights and flowers, above we hanged a long runner full of little flowers and sparkles. A great atmosphere and our hearts and souls were complete in this dream wedding décor.

An unique wedding that will keep in our hearts.

Paula Grade & Karina Sousa

Wedding Planner: White Impact
Photos: Its All About
Styling: Karina Sousa –White Ideas
Flowers: Jasmim em Flor - Algarve Flower Design
Ceremony Venue: Vila Monte Farmhouse