Sweet June Wedding

Speaking about a special wedding, my memory goes back to June 2018.

We met  Danielle & Jonathon  back in 2016, so we had a long way together where more than a professional relationship we also created a great friendship.

Danielle and Jonathon wanted a venue with character, something unique that their guests could relate to Portugal.

We found a magical city,  with a magical venue that  match all the points it was convent da Graça-  from Pousadas de Portugal.

There we can feel history in every Corner, the courtyard with its natural light gives us that nostalgic feeling of the sunny sunsets by the Mediterranic coast. The perfect place for a romantic dinner.

We all felt that was the place to be.

The couple rented the whole convent for them , allowing us to use  the magnificent spaces they have.

Being an old convent, we have this big room where the actual church was, so we used it for the ceremony. With a tall ceiling, we wanted to take advantage of this effect and hang some areal arrangment with lights that we could use both for ceremony and after for the night party with Dj. We transformed the room from a church to a disco set.  Challenge !!

The ceremony was the moment we wanted to surprise the guests, it’s the start of an amazing day and many surprises to come, so we had to make it work and we did it.

After the exit of our bride and groom,  highlighted by beautiful soft colours, made the perfect exit while we start taking the guests to the welcome cocktail in the old garden castle, through the old streets. 

After the cocktail , the guests were brought to the convent courtyard to have dinner  and after they had the band outside,  during 4 hours people could enjoy an open air party surrounded by the romantic lights, you can see happiness on people’s face.

What a day!! What a wedding.


Paula Grade & Karina Sousa


Planning: White Impact & Algarve Wedding Planners
Photos: It's All About
Make up: Marisa Francisco
Styling: Karina Sousa -White Ideas
Venue: Pousada de Tavira